Chick Fil A has become one of the most if not the best fast food restaurants. With the world becoming digital, Chick Fil A has done extremely well with creating awareness of their brand and products online. Their own website is very informative, and intriguing with options to even order Chick Fil A online. There is also a section on the website where you can tell “your story”. This is great because customers can feel like they are involved while giving Chick Fil A feedback at the same time. In addition to sharing your story, the Chick Fil A website provides connections such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and email insiders which they update every day except Sundays because of their family oriented and Christian values.

Although Chick Fil A digitally brands themselves well, Chick Fil A has not reached the popular social media platform of Instagram yet. One thing Chick Fil A could do that many brands are starting to do on Instagram is guaranteeing first followers deals as long as they repost. Instagram also lets you share photos on Twitter and Facebook, and Chick Fil A already has these so they could use it to combine advertising their brand.