Shower head Delight Print Ad

Michelle Watson- Client
Attributes from Client:
-Great water pressure
-3 different settings
-Glow in the dark lights for a “fun” shower
-Detachable head
-Adjustable neck
-Wide radius-effective for hitting every part of your body

-Uses up too much water. Not used to save water at all
-The head can easily fall off
-There are cheap parts. Sometimes the knob used to change the settings falls off
-Leaks very easily.

I took this approach on the ad because I thought the colors would appeal to a slightly younger crowd, and the colors also point at the “fun” glow in the dark lights the shower head offers. I used a picture of a shower head and fun fonts to go with the fun colors. I also thought it would look cool if the words flow similarly to how the water is flowing in the back ground picture.