The LSU Tigers are playing Callin’ Baton Rouge ,and the fans know there is only 2 minutes and 30 seconds before the game is about to begin. Every one is overcome with adrenaline and excitement. Every time fans step foot in Tiger Stadium, they get that feeling. Win or Lose, tiger fans will always have that feeling, and that feeling is spirit. This tweet depicts it perfectly. Image

LSU student, Dillon Guidroz, says “Tiger Stadium is the best stadium in the country in all of college football. When you’re under the lights in Death Valley (nickname for Tiger Stadium) with one half of the stadium yelling ‘geaux’ while the other half is yelling ‘tigers’, there is no better feeling nor place I’d rather be.”

Dan Borne, LSU’s stadium public address announcer, seems to feel the same way as Guidroz. “There’s this thing about the stadium and there’s no denying it. It’s a special place. The people who grew up in it, like I did, will never forget that. Every time I walk in there it’s a special feeling for me,” he said. http://theadvocate.com/sports/lsu/805700-64/story.html

Even the enemy can’t deny how incredible the spirit is. “…there is no crowd like this. They never stop, and it’s like one continuous pep talk,” said Ara Parseghian when he brought his Notre Dame team in 1971. http://articles.latimes.com/1987-09-26/sports/sp-2626_1_college-football/2

Another LSU student, Caroline Palmer says “It is the loudest stadium!” and adds, “Even though Alabama won this past weekend, they can have their quiet pom pom shaking stadium because ‘Death Valley’ will always be better.”

Palmer wasn’t lying when she said that Tiger stadium was the loudest. Once during a game at Tiger Stadium between Auburn and LSU, LSU quarterback, Tommy Hodson, threw a touchdown to tailback, Eddie Fuller, that won the game in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. The crowd spirit in tiger stadium was so loud that the sound registered as an earthquake on the seismograph located in Howe-Russell building on LSU’s campus (Calongne, LSUsports.net). http://www.lsusports.net/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=164367

No other stadium nor fan base can claim this accomplishment.

In addition to this achievement, one might even say LSU’s spirit is so great that it led Ole Miss to lose every time they played in Tiger Stadium (Hardesty, LA Times).

Clearly there is no ignoring this intangible yet great feeling that overtakes all LSU fans when inside Death Valley. Once a person experiences a game in this great stadium, then they too will understand this liveliness and character that exudes from every tiger fan present. But for now, here’s a quick glimpse of an example of that extraordinary energy overflowing from the crowd during what they now call “The Earth Quake Game”.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olqJbsWRtSM 


Chick Fil A Digital Branding


Chick Fil A has become one of the most if not the best fast food restaurants. With the world becoming digital, Chick Fil A has done extremely well with creating awareness of their brand and products online. Their own website is very informative, and intriguing with options to even order Chick Fil A online. There is also a section on the website where you can tell “your story”. This is great because customers can feel like they are involved while giving Chick Fil A feedback at the same time. In addition to sharing your story, the Chick Fil A website provides connections such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and email insiders which they update every day except Sundays because of their family oriented and Christian values.

Although Chick Fil A digitally brands themselves well, Chick Fil A has not reached the popular social media platform of Instagram yet. One thing Chick Fil A could do that many brands are starting to do on Instagram is guaranteeing first followers deals as long as they repost. Instagram also lets you share photos on Twitter and Facebook, and Chick Fil A already has these so they could use it to combine advertising their brand.





Shower head Delight Print Ad

Shower head Delight Print Ad

Michelle Watson- Client
Attributes from Client:
-Great water pressure
-3 different settings
-Glow in the dark lights for a “fun” shower
-Detachable head
-Adjustable neck
-Wide radius-effective for hitting every part of your body

-Uses up too much water. Not used to save water at all
-The head can easily fall off
-There are cheap parts. Sometimes the knob used to change the settings falls off
-Leaks very easily.

I took this approach on the ad because I thought the colors would appeal to a slightly younger crowd, and the colors also point at the “fun” glow in the dark lights the shower head offers. I used a picture of a shower head and fun fonts to go with the fun colors. I also thought it would look cool if the words flow similarly to how the water is flowing in the back ground picture.


Color Ad

Color Ad

My color that I was assigned was green. Green makes me think of envy because this color can symbolize money. Money can make people envious and greedy. Some people who are wealthy always want more, and others who have little are envious of people who have a lot.